My best friend sandra

I always prayed for a best friend growing up, God took a little while but he sure knows what he’s doing. Sandra and I worked together for a few years before we got close and became family. My dad passed away in 2011 and I didn’t know how I was going to get through it. Well God did, he sent me Sandra at the perfect time. Sandra needed help as far as a driver, general guidance, and just to be a friend. Her parent’s were both gone just like mine so we were perfect for each other. Sandra is super funny and smart! she is so helpful to me and me to her. We have travelled to fun places and done so many fun activities. I am so grateful for Sandra, I love getting her good morning texts and her good night texts. We both retired from the City where we live so we can spend lots of time together. When I had my foot surgery Sandra came over took care of me, she vacuumed, did the dishes, cleaned the bathroom and stayed with me to keep me company. Sandra and I love to read the same books, books that help us learn and evolve, and in the 9 years we been together we have both come so far. Most people have written Sandra off because she’s a little different, she’s hearing impaired and didn’t have the best social skills when we first met. Now she is a totally different person, she just needed someone to guide her and believe in her. Sandra always believes in me and we are each other’s biggest fan, I love her so much and so grateful for her friendship and sisterhood. Don’t write anyone off, take chances of people, even if they are not like you, you could be enriching someone’s life and your own.

Be your own Hero

Its nice to have a close knit family that understands you, cares for you, is always there for you no matter what. What do you do when there is no one, no close immediate family, no mother, no father. Absolutely no one, if you fall there is no one to save you, so you can’t afford to have a nervous breakdown. You learn what’s important and what’s not, you learn that you have to be tough and a fighter. You also have to learn to accept help if it comes around, it may be slim but life does send you some angels. How do you do it? You read books, and you watch Talk show such as Oprah and Dr. Phil, those are your parents now. You cling to anything that is positive and you learn from the negative. You seek therapy, you work on yourself every single day. You could feel sorry for yourself, you would have every right too? but you don’t because you don’t have time for that, just like you don’t have time for falling apart. Life is hard enough already why make it any harder for yourself? If you have faith, you pray and pray a lot. You don’t ask God why me, you ask why not me? I can use this test as a testimony to help and inspire others. Music is a huge part of your life too, with music you can escape be happy when your sad. You learn to be your own hero, be proud of yourself, applaud yourself for not giving up and smile a lot and fake it till you make it.